Speed Clearance Transport

Speed Clearance Richter, your one-stop shop for Austrian logistics, all with a fixed price guarantee.
Covering the whole of Austria.
Mopeds - motorbikes - pallets - furniture - parcels - and much more.
Speed Clearance - On the road for you, safely and professionally.

On the road for you, safely and professionally

Transports covering the whole of Austria

Speed Clearance offers transport services throughout Austria at consistent, calculable prices. Our
Mercedes Sprinter and Dacia Dokker are always available. Even larger vehicle can be provided on request.

Removal - Relocation

Relocating within Vienna or to the provinces? - Speed Clearance is happy to help you with this!
We offer competent work at flat rates. If you wish, we can even plan your move down to the smallest detail, providing you with moving boxes and packing for you, ensuring a smooth and safe removal process, from end to end.

Moped or Motorbike transport

We are happy to transport your moped or motorbike to the workshop or perhaps to your winter residence. Pick-up and delivery is possible throughout Austria.
Furthermore, we offer transport insurance for your vehicle on request.

Item disassembly

Speed Clearance is also happy to carry out any necessary dismantling work and ensure that your goods are transported safely.

Furniture transport

We transport small furniture, cabinets, tables, old and new for you at a manageable price. Whether a single piece or a full car everything is possible.
Have you placed an order with a furniture store or purchased a beautiful piece of furniture on the internet and cannot transport it yourself?
- We are there for you and will collect and deliver the goods to you intact.

How we work

Partnerships with other companies and logistics firms are possible, and close cooperation can lead to the development of a well-coordinated team working efficiently and cost-effectively for you. In addition to Austria-wide logistics of all kinds we also take on removals and clearnaces. Our price policy is transparent and without hidden additional costs. Therefore you as a customer can
calculate your expenses in advance.We plan the complete process, responding to your wishes and requirements and, where necessary, use the expires and capability of our partners to complete your work in a customer-oriented and prompt manner. As a Viennese small business owner, it is very important to us to offer you both reliable and professional work at reasonable prices.
Speed Clearance ensures that your job will run smoothly.

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Furniture transport – Removals – Relocation

We transport small furniture, cupboards, tables, both old and new for you at a manageable price. Whether it's a single item or a full car, everything is possible.
Have you placed an order with a furniture store or purchased a beautiful piece of furniture on the internet and cannot transport it yourself?
- We are there for you and will collect and deliver the goods to you intact.

Moving or relocations should be well planned in order to go smoothly.
Speed Clearance ensures that you can carry out your activities as usual. We take care of the rest. After a free inspection and the receipt of all information important for us, we will provide you with a free estimate.

Based on the estimate you are free to make a decision. If that decision is to proceed then we fix a date and you will receive the final order form to countersign, send it to us and Speed Clearance carries out your order discreetly, quickly and at a fixed price.
You receive the order form for countersignature, send it to us and Speed Clearance completes your order discreetly, quickly and at a fixed price without additional costs.
Transport insurance for expensive furniture is available on request.


Speed Clearance Motorbike Transport

Transport and transfer of motorbikes and mopeds throughout Austria.
Almost everything that is single-track can be safely transported by us.

Transfer or collection of your motorbike from or to the workshop, collection of the vehicle after an accident, Austria-wide transfers to a winter residence and much more.Special transports on request.

Our Sprinter is equipped with the necessary equipment to bring your bike safely and in perfect condition to your desired location..
From a wide ramp to the necessary straps, we provide everything to transport your vehicle safely.
Likewise, we have transport blankets to provide additional protection against scratches. Your vehicle should, if possible, have an empty tank during transport.

In addition to the necessary CMR insurance, there is the possibility of insuring your vehicle with additional transport insurance if requested beforehand.
For this, we need at least 48h lead time in addition to any relevant information about the vehicle. The costs of the additional transport insurance are to be borne by the customer.

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Your total satisfaction is our goal

As a Viennese small business, we maintain close links with other individual professionals with whom we co-operate, in order to work more efficiently, respond better to customer wishes and offer you the best possible prices.
Our partners have years of industry experience in the field of clearing, dismantling, clearance, transport and the trade-in of old goods.
We draw on this experience and pass on the experise from our partners to our customers in the same way, which also benefits you.

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One Team For All Cases

Our services for you

we transport in this areas:


  • Night delivery
  • Express transport
  • Parcel transport
  • Courier services
  • Pallet transport
  • Furniture transport
  • Small transport
  • Motorcycle transport
  • Disassembly
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Wir bieten

  • Free estimates
  • Removals
  • Bulky goods transport
  • Short-term substitutions
  • Relocations
  • CMR insurance
  • Transport insurance additionally possible
  • Austria-wide transport


  • Transports of any type
  • Motorbikes
  • Shipping companies
  • Fixed tours
  • Work substitutes
  • Garages
  • Shop removals
  • Storages
  • Apartments
  • Companies
  • Buildings
  • Homes
  • Rooms
  • Shops
  • Austria-wide transport
  • Factories
  • Retirement homes
  • Studios
  • Workshops
  • Houses
  • Residences
  • Hotels

Why customers trust us:

Experience & Knowhow

Reasonable & fair prices
Daily rates

No hidden costs
Tailor-made offers

Free advice on-site


Flexible & discreet

Possibility of weekend or holiday orders/services


Competent & friendly staff

Free estimates

Appointments at short notice

Insured transport possible

Secure transport


Motorbike and moped transport throughout Austria


Costs & Conditions

In order to be able to calculate the actual costs for your order, we need precise details and complete information from you.
Many different factors influence the price. For this reason, the offer (all-inclusive or fixed price) can only be calculated after we have received all the information.

You will find the conditions in our AGT

Prices for relocations, removals and the like are only calculated after a free, but necessary, personal inspection.After the personal inspection, we will prepare a non-binding cost estimate free of charge and you will decide on the final placement of the order. Subsequently, you will receive the order form, which you sign and return to us. We will then carry out your order as requested and agreed.
Consequently, you have no work or stress throughout the process.

Pricing considerations Furniture transport, removal & relocation

  • Location - Driveway Access - Available space
  • Loading situation
  • Condition of the stairwell
  • Elevator required
  • Size of the objects
  • Weight of the objects
  • Amount
  • Transport distance
  • Transport insurance additionally possible.

Moped – Motorbike transport
Pricing considerations

  • Type of vehicle
  • Transport distance
  • Loading situation
  • Amount of work
  • Weight of vehicle
  • additionally Transport insurance
After contacting you and receiving all the information necessary for the transport, we will prepare a non-binding cost estimate.
Once we are contracted with the work we carry it out reliably and promptly, as both requested and agreed.

Pricing considerations

  • Weight of the goods
  • Type of the goods
  • Loading situation
  • Standard or express delivery
  • Transport distance
  • Workforce required
  • Toll costs
  • Weekend delivery
  • Holiday delivery
  • Night transports
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Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions and give you professional advice. Among our services you will find tasks related to furniture transport, removal, relocation and transportation of any kind.

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We will reply to you quickly

You can call us directly or send us an inquiry by mail.

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