Speed Clearance Clearance – Removal – Disposal – Transport

Speed Clearance is your contact for property clearance in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland at a fixed, all-inclusive and guaranteed price.


From the clearing of business premises right through to messy apartments - we are your contact.


Speed Clearance fully dismantles all equipment and will deal with its disposal or transport as necessary.

Clearance & Removal

From warehouses and courtyards to a complete business clearance, Speed Clearance will complete your order carefully and rapidly, at a fixed, all-inclusive price.


We dispose of all non hazardous waste in a professional, environmentally conscious manner.


Speed Clearance operates using a Mercedes Sprinter to handle transport throughout Austria at calculable prices. A Canter with tail lift is also available on request.
Clearance – Removal – Disposal – Transport

How we work

We aim to establish strong partnerships with you as a property management companies, property developers or even as an individual. Through clear communication and close cooperation we can then provide an expert team which can work for you both efficiently and economically. In addition, we carry out transport logisitics throughout Austria at reasonable prices. Our price policy is transparent, honest and without hidden additional costs meaning that you, as our customer, can calculate your expenses in advance.

As a clearing company it is important to us to offer you both reliable and professional work at manageable prices. Speed Clearance ensures that your apartment clearance, cellar clearing, storage clearance, waste disposal or transport runs smoothly. Your ensure that the space we clear, including any access, is handed over broom-clean after completion of the order. If desired, we can also organise a thourough and complete cleaning of your premises.

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Clearance – Removal – Disposal – Transport

Your satisfaction is our goal

We are a small Viennese company with a long professional partnership and close connection with "GD Transporte. Combined and in cooperation we are able to work efficiently, to respond to customer wishes and to offer you the best possible prices. Our partner has many years of experience in the industry, which we pass on to our customers in the same way, which benefits you as our customer.

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One Team For All Cases

Our Services for You

We clear out and dispose in the area:

Work areas

  • Halls
  • Rooms
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Houses
  • Garages
  • Gardens
  • Sheds
  • Flats/Apartments
  • Company buildings
  • Households
  • Shops
  • Shop fittings
  • Retirement homes
  • Courtyards
  • Council flats
  • Ateliers
  • Hoarder flats
  • Estates
  • Co-operative flats

Additional services

  • Goods with resale value can compensate costs
  • Acquisition of valuable goods
  • Junk goods acquisition and sale in Vienna
  • Antiquities acquisition and sale
  • Small transportations
  • Company liquidation
  • Motorcycle courier transport throughout Austria

We offer

  • free survey and no obligation quote
  • entire working area is left broom clean
  • We also offer a more thorough deep clean option
  • We can also create a priority appointment
  • Clerance, removal and disposal of non hazardous waste
  • Collection and disposal of bulky waste
  • On your behalf we can dispose of metal, plastic, wood, electrical appliances until 50 cm, old furniture, etc.
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That Distinguishes Us

Why customers trust us

Experience & Expertise

Fair priced, package deal, fix price guarantee

No hidden fees
Bespoke offers tailored to your needs

We leave the work area clean and tidy

Professional, ecologically responsible disposal

Flexible & discreet

Weekend or holiday appointments possible


Proficient & friendly workforce

Free, on-site consultancy

Immediate or priority appointments possible

Goods with resale value can compensate costs

Secure transport

Customer satisfaction is our focus

Motorcycle courier transport throughout Austria

Customized Offers

Costs & Conditions

In order to accurately calculate the final cost for your order (clearance, removal, dismantling, disposal), we, as a serious Viennese clearing company, offer a free, non-binding inspection. The price cannot be calculated in advance on the basis of square meters alone, as other factors play a role as well.

For this reason the offer (all-inclusive or fixed price) can only be calculated after the inspection.

After the personal inspection, we will prepare a non-binding cost estimate free of charge and you can then decide on the final order.
Subsequently, we will carry out your order as requested and as agreed. As a result, you will have no work or stress until the object is handed over.

Cost factors for clearance, removal and dismantling

  • Location - Driveway Access - Available space
  • Travel to your location
  • State of Hallway
  • Elevator required or not
  • Degree of Pollution of the object
  • Separation of refuse
  • Quantity of refuse
  • Refuse disposal costs
  • Goods with resale value can compensate costs


  • Sort of Material (e.g. wood, glas, iron, special waste, etc.)
  • Presorted or unsorted
  • Amount of goods
  • Amount of work
  • Amount of garbage
  • Costs of dump

After you have contacted us and received all the necessary information, we will prepare a non-binding estimate.


After the contract has been awarded, we will carry it out reliably and promptly as requested and as agreed.


  • Weight of object
  • Type of object
  • Load opportunity
  • Standard or express delivery
  • Number of driven kilometers
  • Number of workforce
  • Costs of toll
  • Weekend delivery
  • Holiday delivery
  • Night delivery
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Non-Binding Inquiry

Call Now

Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with professional advice. Among our services you will find areas of responsibility for clearance, removal, disposal and transport of all kinds.

We also buy antiques, valuables, porcelain, old goods, postcards, old small furniture and much more. There is the possibility of an immediate cash purchase after free inspection.

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We will reply to you quickly.

You can call us directly or contact us by email

Phone: +43 660 / 63 63 422
Email: office@entruempelung-richter.at